Cells & Homeostasis: Organelle Flash Cards

Students had two major tasks today:

  1. Complete the reading from yesterday (pages 6-13 from Inside the Cell), complete with summaries of each section written in the lab notebook for each student.
  2. Create flash cards as shown in the picture below:


A complete set of 12 flash cards for each student are due at the beginning of class tomorrow (one card for each of the 12 organelles).  Students should use their textbook if they have one at home, the online version of Inside the Cell, and any other scientifically valid resources.  The National Science Foundation has an excellent interactive resource called A Tour of the Cell that students might find useful.

Matter, Atomic Structure, and Bonding: Defining Matter

For today’s lesson, students learned how to classify items as matter or not-matter given the following definition of matter as anything that has mass and volume.  We reviewed the Lesson 3 PowerPoint and worked through question 1 of the Lesson 3 worksheet as a class.  Students then had time to finish the worksheet and answer questions 1-6 from page 12 of the textbook.  We concluded with students reading an article titled “What is Chemistry?” and answering the following writing prompt: If you had to pick a career right now, what would you choose?  How is chemistry part of that career?