Reproduction, Inheritance, and Meiosis: Mendel’s Pea Plants

We kicked off the new unit with a primer on heredity (courtesy of Crash Course – see below) and a historical tour of Gregor Mendel’s contribution to the field of genetics.  Slides for the day can be downloaded here.  I am thrilled that much of the discussion around Punnett Squares, as well as some of the vocabulary, are review for many of my students.  All students are encouraged to continue practicing unit vocabulary via the Quizlet link.

Mitosis: Mitosis project presentations – Day 3

With a group or two in most classes still needing to present their work, today was a catch-up and review day.  In addition to the presentations, students worked in groups to create concept maps summarizing the major concepts from all of the presentations.  They also wrote thank you letters to the retired teacher who so kindly donated several decades worth of science magazines to our classroom last fall.  We will transition from mitosis to the study of reproduction, inheritance, and meiosis tomorrow.

Mitosis: Mitosis project presentations – Day 2

Another great day of student presentations!  Projects ranged from a game created by students (to simultaneously model the process of mitosis and the effect of alcohol on the liver) to solidly constructed PowerPoint presentations.  Because of the short periods and absent students, we will conclude presentations on Monday.

Below are videos identified by students who presented on muscle growth and repair, as well as the effect of smoking on the lungs.

Mitosis project presentations – Day 1

What a great first day of presentations!  I was very impressed with the way student groups successfully distilled several days of intense research into 7-10 minute high quality presentations.  Examples of student work are available below:

Prezi presentation about cancer and metastasis

A silent film created by my students and posted to YouTube explaining the connection between mitosis and limb regeneration in salamanders and newts:

Mitosis: Mitosis Project – Day 4

Today is the final big work day for student groups working on their Mitosis Projects.  The goal for today was to briefly assess the current state of the project, identify goals to work towards in bringing the project to a successful completion, and finally for group members to assign homework to complete any remaining project components outside of class.  Students recorded their group discussion on a worksheet.  Slides presented at the beginning of class can be viewed here.

Tomorrow we will wrap up the projects, putting finishing touches on the content and practicing presentations.  Students will also complete an assessment of the project.

Mitosis: Mitosis Project – Day 3

Student groups continue to make excellent progress in their Mitosis Projects.  To help students capture what has been contributed by each group member so far and what still needs to be accomplished, students completed an organizing worksheet as an entry task.  Students were also reminded about the required components of the project and that third quarter ends next Friday.  The slides for today are attached here.