Central Dogma: Introduction to DNA

We began class with a new seating chart.  Students organized themselves by birth month and were seated in pairs.  Students were reminded how important it is to make new friends and engage with new people to learn new ideas and ways of approaching a scientific challenge.

After the seating chart, students were provided with a timeline for making up work from the last two weeks of Unit 4.  All late work and revisions are due by this Friday.  Students were also reminded to check in on the class website daily and to monitor the new Twitter feed for interesting science articles.

Next, we launched in to Unit 5: Central Dogma.  Students were asked to write down everything they know about DNA and then shared their knowledge with their new table partner.  Students were encouraged to use the agree/disagree structured partner talk strategy.  Student pairs then shared one piece of information about DNA that they discussed by writing it on a class white board.  An example of the information from one class is given below.


Finally, students received a few slides of instruction regarding Central Dogma vocabulary before we watched the first 16 minutes of Cosmos: Episode 2.  The last slide of the lesson lists the questions students answered while watching the video.

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