Can We Live Forever?

Today marks the transition from Unit 3 (Cells and Homeostasis) to Unit 4 (Energy, Matter, and Organization).  We have learned a lot about how cells interact with their environment.  We have also learned about how cells combine in complicated ways to form tissues, organs, and body systems.  In Unit 4, we will explore how cells are organized (organelles and biomolecules) and how cells obtain energy (photosynthesis and cellular respiration).  To help us transition, today we watched two segments of the NOVA video “Can We Live Forever?” hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson.  The complete video is available below.  After watching each segment, students responded to a writing prompt in their lab notebook.

Segment 1: 7:03-20:40, Prompt: If some day all of your body parts can be rebuilt or replaced, will you still be you?  Explain your answer in at least 4 sentences in your lab notebook.

Segment 2: 41:40-50:13, Prompt: Why do you think cooling body temperature improves survival after a catastrophic health event (like a heart attack)?  Explain your answer in at least 4 sentences in your lab notebook.

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