Cells and Homeostasis: Eggsperiment Day 4

Today we collected data from the eggsperiment!  Students measured the mass of eggs that had been incubating for nearly 24 hours in various liquids.  The class data can be viewed here.  On Monday, students will work in teams to evaluate the data, looking for trends or patterns across the data collected from students in all 5 of my class periods.  After collecting the class data, we briefly discussed how water is transported across cell membranes (via aquaporin proteins) and contrasted that with the overly simplistic concept of osmosis.  We will dig more deeply into those concepts next week.

For homework this weekend, students should complete the calculations and analysis of the CO2 and O2 results collected on Monday when eggshells were dissolving in vinegar.  Students should attempt to graph the data and we will discuss graphing strategies on Monday as well.

Note: period 2 students did not collect one of the rows of O2 data, so that data point will have to be omitted from the analysis.