Nature of Science: Milk Lab Analysis

We concluded the Milk Lab with an analysis of the summaries prepared by my five classes on Day 2 of the Milk Lab.  Students worked in groups of 4 and analyzed the consistency (and inconsistency) of results reported in 5 summary tables.  By working in teams and analyzing results from similar experiments performed by students in other classes, we simulated a scenario scientists practice routinely when evaluating how their own results compare with what is reported in the scientific literature.  We then discussed the results of the analysis in the context of the Milk Lab Explanation document.  We ended class with a quick unit conversion problem.  We worked through the question: how many seconds are in one day?  The answer:

24 hours / 1 day x 60 minutes / 1 hour x 60 second / 1 minute = 86,400 seconds / day