Nature of Science: Self-reflection

What a busy last few weeks!  Instead of a clicker quiz today, students are filling out note cards listing the contents of their lab notebooks.  I will update Illuminate with that information, and students should check their grades this weekend to ensure accuracy.  After filling out the note card, students will have the remainder of the class period to write a self-reflection about how their experience in biology class has been so far this school year.  The reflection should consist of:

  • What you have learned in biology so far
  • How you can use this learning outside of biology
  • What is going well for you in this class
  • What you need to feel safe and successful in class

Students who finish early, or opt to write the reflection over the weekend, may complete any unfinished biology assignments.  Students who are all caught up will have opportunities to earn extra credit.  That includes:

  • Emailing me pictures or video from the milk lab
  • Summarizing the class data set from the milk lab and sharing with the class on Monday
  • Reading and summarizing a Scientific American article from our class library
  • Hanging up Tools Scientists Use posters on the classroom walls

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