Nature of Science: Tools Scientists Use

In class today, students worked in groups of four to create posters of Tools Scientists Use.  Yesterday, each class came up with a list of tools and wrote the list on their period’s white board.  Today, students in each class made a master list of the tools and then worked with their groups to come up with categories for organizing the tools.  Some of the categories included lab safety equipment, tools used for measurement, and tools that are used for containing liquids.  Other groups organized the tools by area of science, including tools that are used in Integrated Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.  Students then made big, bright posters to present their work.  A selection of the posters will be displayed around the classroom and will help reinforce vocabulary when we prepare for labs.  Also today, students received verbal grade checks and/or reminders that all work must be turned in by Friday for full credit.  Starting next week, the homework policy written in the class syllabus will take effect.

Important Notes: the math worksheet from yesterday will be reviewed next week.  Please check Illuminate to verify credit received for all work turned in.  If you think you have turned something in but have not received credit:

  1. Double-check your backpack, lab notebook, class folder, locker, and anywhere else you keep work.
  2. Check your returned work – it is possible I simply missed entering the grade into Illuminate.
  3. Ask to see the papers without names – I have several papers that were turned in without names.

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