Nature of Science: An Owner’s Guide to the Cell

As previously mentioned in class, all of the science teachers at school will be off-site at a meeting on Monday, so we will have a substitute.  Students should turn in all work assigned from the previous week at the beginning of class.  Late work may be turned in by the start of class Tuesday for 50% credit.  For Monday, students will be reading a chapter from the purple book titled, “Inside the Cell” which is located in the upper middle cabinet.  We have a limited number of copies, so please treat the book with care and do not take the book out of the classroom.   Students should read the Preface and Chapter 1 (pages 4-19).  After each section, students should briefly share their understanding of the section with their table partner, then write a brief summary of the discussion in their lab notebooks before moving on to the next section.  Students should also complete the Got It? questions on page 19 in their lab notebooks and they may discuss their responses with their table partner.

Students who finish early should log in to one of the class computers and explore the website  A Tour of the Cell, taking notes in their lab notebook.  Alternatively, students may also browse the Scientific American journals (in the cabinet to the left of the Inside the Cell books) and write a brief summary of something they learned – preferably related to ecosystems and ecology.  Have a wonderful day!

Nature of Science: Baloney Detection Kit

With only 35 minutes of class time today, we had just enough time to take our first clicker quiz and then watch Michael Shermer’s video Baloney Detection Kit (below).  Students are asked to complete a worksheet briefly describing each of the 10 points Dr. Shermer discusses and to apply their understanding to the Golden Ratio.  The worksheet is due at the beginning of class on Monday.  Because of all of the schedule changes this week, students will have until next Monday (9/15) to turn in the following work for full credit:

1. Signed syllabus and safety contract

2. Golden Ratio worksheet (p. 62)

3. Eyes of Nye Pseudoscience video worksheet

4. Baloney Detection Kit video worksheet