Environmental Science Exploration – Day 6

We have spent the last week learning about the processes that are driving ocean acidification, learning to use gas sensors and pH probes, and thinking hard about how we can use our local resources at Seahurst Park to advance our learning.  Over the next two days, students will create a final project which will include the following:

1. A carefully designed, conducted, and analyzed experiment demonstrating the effect of increased atmospheric carbon dioxide on the stakeholder group they selected.

2. Research and analysis of scientific data to support the group’s model of how increased atmospheric carbon dioxide is affecting subsystems relevant to the global carbon cycle.

3. A presentation summarizing their findings.  Each student must create and present presentation content to share at the Global Ocean Acidification Summit to be held tomorrow afternoon.

For part 2, students are encouraged to visit Lesson 5b of the Baliga Lab Ocean Acidification unit and visit the links provided that are relevant to their area of research.

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