Systems Biology – Lesson 12

In lesson 12, students learned about the systems of the human body.  After taking a quick pre-assessment, we watched a video explaining biological organization.  Organ systems were included in the hierarchy, and that led in to a second video about the human body.  Students were given a worksheet and each student was assigned one or two questions per video to answer.  At the end of the videos, everyone shared responses.  The final video focused on the respiratory system, and students followed along with the breathing exercises.  After the lesson, students received copies of two additional worksheets.  The first worksheet directed them to the website which they were instructed to use to learn about the various body systems.  The second worksheet guided students through the process of integrating their understanding of body systems relevant to the Heredity Project trait they completed as part of the Genetics Unit.  Students will have at least two additional class periods to complete the assignments from this lesson.

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