Systems Biology – Lesson 6

What a week!  We took advantage of the summer-like weather early in the week with a survey of our local school ecosystem.  We then transitioned to a deep-dive reading of matter and energy cycling in an ecosystem, and wrapped up with Lesson 6, where students shared their learning with their group members to construct two models of matter and energy cycling.  Students received a graphic organizer to help them compare and contrast the cycling of carbon, water, and nitrogen (CHON) as well as energy on two very different ecological scales.  For the large scale, we evaluated matter and energy cycling of a more generic ecosystem like the Puget Sound region.  For the smaller scale, we focused on our school campus.  Students realized that some, but not all, aspects of matter and energy cycling are present on our school campus in contrast to what is found in the larger Puget Sound region.  Next week they will craft and deliver presentations to the class explaining the ecological implications of, and possible solutions to, separating a school campus from the native local ecosystem.

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