Digital Microscope!

Thanks to a generous grant from the Southwest King School Retirees’ Association, we were able to purchase a digital microscope and a set of prepared slides.   This equipment will enable us to recover some of the functionality of a lab in a classroom setting, and will extend our capabilities by allowing us to take digital pictures and movies and to conduct extensive analysis of those images.

Here are our first three images taken with the microscope:

1. Daphnia Head – 40x

Daphnia Head

2. Onion Root Tip – 40x

Onion Root Tip - 40x

3. Onion Root Tip (mitosis!)- 100x

Onion Root Tip Mitosis - 100x

Systems Biology – Lesson 3

After learning how to define networks in lesson 1, and how to analyze a network in lesson 2, students were tasked with constructing a network in lesson 3.  Students worked in groups of up to four people to construct an economic network, with each student contributing at least 5 nodes and 5 edges.  The ability to understand how networks function, and how to analyze and construct a network will be valuable skills as we move forward in the unit and investigate human body systems, ecosystems, and the integration of the emerging cryptocurrency economy with our study of ecosystems.