Evolution – Lesson 2

With HSPE testing last week, we only had two days of class.  The first day was spent completing question 1 from the virus mutation worksheet from Lesson 1.  Students also had an opportunity to make corrections to quiz 2.  To earn a grade jump, students had to complete the following for each incorrect answer:

1. Explain their thought processes behind each incorrect answer.

2. Explain why they think their new answer is correct.

On the second day, we watched episode 2 of the new Cosmos series in which Dr. Tyson describes the process of evolution.  Students should be able to explain the difference between natural and artificial selection, as compared and contrasted with the evolution of dogs and polar bears.

For this week, we continued our study of evolution in Lesson 2.  Students then constructed a Tree of Life using a list of organisms and determining the relationships between the organisms.

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